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The 29 September is one of important day for us to have a reflection for one of most lethal occupational disease, names as heart disease. Thus, every 29 September uses to celebrate The World Heart Day in worldwide.

Texcal Energy Mahato Inc. has main objectives to ensure all people who works in fit and health to perform their tasks. Many symptoms of heart disease have to identified earlier to prevent more consecutive consequences. Managing the risk of heart disease at workplace is one of our challenges in future.

The initiation program starts from understanding the possibility of occupational disease within workplace thus the identified occupational disease will be prioritized to be communicated into all parties without exception. Based on health risk assessment, we conclude that health disease is one of listed occupational disease that possible happened. Thus, Texcal Energy Mahato Inc., through HSSE Department initiate to conduct One day sharing regarding Heart Disease as part of prevention part managing its risks and the event has been conducted successfully on Friday, 29 September 2023 at terrace of PB Site Clinic. The event was collaborated with local hospital, here, RS Hermina Pekanbaru as keynote speaker.

Sequences of event that conducted at PB Site was opening by Master of Ceremony and Continue with opening speech by Company Doctor, dr. Indra Fakhreza stressing the importance understanding earliest symptomps of heart disease. Main topics has been presented by doctor’s representative from RS Herminal Pekanbaru, dr. Guntur Harizona with concerning about misleading understanding heart disease symptoms, prevention, mitigation and further related medication.  All participants looked enthusiasts proven by the active participant asked questions to the speaker in discussion session.

The HSSE Department emphasized that “World Heart Day 2023” is our momentum to change our mindset and behavior so that we are always healthy both at work and at home, as stated by Company Doctor that having a healthy heart reflects our commitment to increasing awareness of Heart Disease and together we can all be part of influencing teammates and families to follow healthy behavior. Texcal Energy through the Department of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) always focuses on monitoring the prevention and mitigation of heart disease and continues to carry out campaigns for all workers.

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