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On November 15-17, 2023, the SKK Migas of Sumbagut held its Forum Tanggung Jawab Sosial 2023 award session of Northern Sumatera Area Community Development Program at The Alana Hotel & Convention Centre, Yogyakarta, where Texcal Energy Mahato Inc. was invited to attend. Texcal Energy Mahato Inc. also received an award from the SKK Migas of Sumbagut as one of the PSCs having The Best Community Development Program in 2023 (note: the program is the empowerment of women in Sibuak village, Tapung District, Kampar Regency, Riau Province, by supporting them as Batik maker and thus could elevate their household incomes and broaden their experiences whether as personal and as community group).

SKK Migas of Northern Sumatera Area (Sumbagut) regularly assess all PSCs having operations area in Northern Sumatera Area on the execution of each PSC’s Community Development Program. Annually the SKK Migas of Sumbagut holds an event, namely Forum Tanggung Jawab Sosial, to summarize the performance of each PSC in executing its Community Development Program, whether or not such program truly made a positive great impact towards the community where the respective PSC has its operations area and that the community involved really benefited from the existence of the respective PSC in its area.

Texcal Energy

Texcal Energy assets include existing primary production in the Mahato PSC, as well as highly prospective areas close to large producing Oil and Gas fields in the Bohorok and South Block A PSC’s and the South Tuban Exploration KSO.