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As part of SKK Migas agenda, SKK Migas aims to produce 1 million barrels of oil per day and 12 BCFD of gas in 2030, SKK Migas has Invited and gathered all of PSCs CEO and Managers at the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) CEO Summit 2023 event on Tuesday, 2 May 2023.

The Summit was held as Reminder, Acknowledgment and to have the Contractors accentuation for importance of Health, Safety & Environment which lead to anticipatory measure of planning and implementation to prevent work accidents.

The event was attended by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mr. Arifin Tasrif and the Minister of Investment Mr. Bahlil Lahadalia. Joining the event, Texcal Mahato were represented by Mr. Khaerul Muttaqin as Leader representative and Mr. Viqi Kurniawan as HSSE Manager.

Texcal is in huge supports and committed to giving the highest priority to HSE processes and executions  which is not only for leaders who are equipped with aspects of occupational safety and health, but also must get to the bottom-level of work to avoid incidents in the operations.

Last of the event, All PSCs as participation to importance of the event, sign a HSE commitments which stated as follows

  • Comply with and implement all HSE laws and regulations
  • Responsible for implementing good HSE technical principles in all upstream oil and gas business activities
  • Carry out measurements, evaluations and improvements in order to improve sustainable HSE management performance
  • Be responsible for the implementation of HSE management until end of the working area contract period and handover to the government of the republic of Indonesia
Texcal Energy

Texcal Energy assets include existing primary production in the Mahato PSC, as well as highly prospective areas close to large producing Oil and Gas fields in the Bohorok and South Block A PSC’s and the South Tuban Exploration KSO.