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The IOG 4.0 event held on November 29 – December 1, 2021 is the largest forum in 2021 in the upstream oil and gas industry attended by all KKKS in Indonesia along with the government and other stakeholders.

In the event there was an appreciation session given to PSC Contractors who have very good achievements. One of them is Texcal Mahato who received the award of The Fastest Field Discovery to Onstream which was directly received by GM Texcal Mahato, Ibrahim Attereh.

“I really want to thank you all for extraordinary achievement. First, I want to thank to God Almighty for His Grace, Texcal team for dedication, SKKMigas for the patience, ESDM & Local government for their ultimate support’, as Ibrahim said.

Video Source: Youtube SKK Migas TV

Success in achieving this production acceleration from POD I Approval to First Oil can be achieved in 3 – 4 months, and again Texcal Mahato ae very close to fulfill all commitments as POD I approval in one year (8 development wells in POD), and the production now has reached 190% from target production from POD I approval. 

Texcal Mahato couldn’t have achieved this without a fully integrated teamwork. The main highlight out of this experience that we proof to everybody in the industry that monetizing oil & gas discoveries in Indonesia is doable in timely manner, there is a wave of change still full of obstacle, but the drive and commitment of our beloved Indonesia Leadership is very much recognized and appreciate 

Texcal Energy

Texcal Energy assets include existing primary production in the Mahato PSC, as well as highly prospective areas close to large producing Oil and Gas fields in the Bohorok and South Block A PSC’s and the South Tuban Exploration KSO.